Here's how to buy in easy installments

a few clicks and that's it!

1) Register on the website from desktop, and / or from mobile through the Nexi app

2) Associate your credit card within the portal

3) Buy the jewel on the site: by credit card or PayPal

4) Go to the 'installments' section by selecting the 'installments' item and then go to the amount to be paid in installments

5) Choose the number of installments (NEXI calculates the installments based on the amount spent and the ceiling of your card)

6) Accept the terms of the installment contract and confirm..


Nexi partner credit institutions on:

Not all credit cards are managed by NEXI, the management of these others are each activated by their own credit institution, it will therefore be possible to pay in installments the amount spent through the website or the application of the relevant bank.

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